McClain and Andrea ( whom both work in Marketing, HR and Recruiting at LMS) attended a lunch and learn at UTC on November 7th. The lunch and learn series held at UTC is covering the Transportation Industry’s Supply Chain. Once a month UTC holds this type of lunch and learn with different speakers that discuss various topics involving the growth and evolution of the trucking industry.

Matt McClleand was the guest presenter during this weeks series. Matt is the Innovation Strategist at Covenant Transport Services. During the presentation Matt discussed what innovation means, how the trucking and transportation industry has evolved since horse and buggy, and what is expected to happen in the industry in the future.

It was a great day to further our education and to learn of some interesting discoveries in the industry.

“Matt McLelland is a leader in the supply chain innovation sphere. With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, Matt brings a fresh perspective to problems facing the supply chain industry. Currently, Matt serves as the Innovation Strategist for Covenant Transport, where his team researches products and future trends to ensure a more affordable and safer delivery of products to customers. Before his role at Covenant, Matt served as the Innovation Research Manager for Kenco Innovation Labs providing oversight of various prototypes and automated projects.During his IT career, Matt served as the Director of Enterprise Systems for Kenco Group and the Director of Technology for the Maclellan Foundation.¬†Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems for the University of Georgia.”¬†