LMS is currently hiring LTL Operations Clerk for our Chattanooga, TN office.

Please send all resumes to:  mhamrick@logisticsms.net

Full-Time Positions can be made available post-graduation for interns who perform well during their internships here.

Position Description:

As a full-service freight management corporation, Logistics Made Simple (LMS) delivers excellent communication, professionalism and reliability.
To fulfill our organization’s purpose, we aligned ourselves with shippers and carriers moving freight all across the globe.
Our goal is to coordinate the shipper’s freight with the appropriate transportation method that best suits the customer’s needs.
By investing in technology and quality employees we are able to overcome the challenging obstacles our customers face in a timely and reliable manner.
Learn more at: https://www.logisticsms.net/

Job Duties:

-Answering phones and helping cover freight shipments

-Helps Ensure Positive Relations Between Customers and Carriers

-Manages Successful Customer Relationships

-Handle Tracking and Tracing of All LTL Shipments

-Manage LTL Shipments For Multiple Branches

-Generate Rates and Pricing Analysis for Existing and New Customers

-Shipment Set Up and Scheduling of Carriers